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Emulsions of real sheepskin and wool - 47.díl - DIFFERENTTV.CZ

  02. 01. 2015      Different TV CZ / SK

Original Australian waffles from real sheepskin and wool? These are EMU bills. They are the first vases that have been produced commercially. Other brand of turrets are so much copies.

The right Australian sheepskin and wool are used for EMU balls. They have incredibly great features for your feet. The EMU flakes are so frost-resistant and breath-taking.

The EM rebars are also made in the new collection with membrane variants that make the boots waterproof. Or perhaps in a varied fashion, which is more fashionable. Here you can buy EMU vouchers at an official dealer in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic;) We have been selling the Valiens for several years, so we will be happy to advise you on the selection. Do not be afraid to contact our fashion consultant.

EM is made of waterproof and frost-resistant. EMUs also have a solid anatomically shaped sole and also a solid heel. That's how the valences do not look like their cheap imitations from the Vietnamese marketplaces.

For more information, visit our magazine: Emu valences in our fashion magazine

Published by: Team Different

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