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Emu the mokasins in the cool days

  08. 11. 2017      From the fashion world

Shoes, boots, shoes, adorn my legs.
I'm working on those who tip the tips, heels.
I'm going to check out Emo, and I'm going to pop.
To warm my feet, I have to have Emu shoes.

The famous poets of us are unlikely to be, but we are the ones who teach you the poetry of the fashion world. Her verses are from hot fashion trends, practical pieces and indispensable designs.

And because there is a time when the ballerina is already cold, but in winter boots or even a turtle, we still do not want to, you need to introduce boots that are perfect for this time.

Famfar please! There are Emu branded mokasins here ! Shoes that " warm up between summer and winter" warm the body and the soul with the right sheep wool that they are strewn. Their extra magic also comes with a leather design and a specially shaped outsole with bullets for easier water drainage, in case your ride suddenly on your streets.

The shape of the moccasins is back in, and we're trying to look very good on our feet. Moreover, the Emu brand gives them a dazzling design that will revive any outfit. Whether you reach metallic with a romantic bow or those with a distinctive fur on the instep, in two color combinations, you will not regret!

mokasíny Emu

mokasíny Emu

mokasíny Emu

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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