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EMU - stylish and quality boules

  31. 01. 2016      From the fashion world

Do you also have a hard time saying good-bye to summer and warm autumn to slowly but surely lay clothes? Suddenly, from simple outfits you went to your coats and warm boots, but still do you feel like you'd rather skip the winter? We have a stylish scent that makes you fall in love with the winter and you will not run even in the hottest frosts.

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The speech is about EMU brands. Tubs are a big hit for a couple of seasons, and no wonder they dominate this year in all shoe stores. However, care must be taken to obtain inexpensive roller substitutes which completely lack the function and overall purpose of these practical shoes.

Some have not yet identified themselves with the massive bottoms they offer, they prefer "something smarter." But Emu has this option this year.

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The Australian EMU manufacturers have a true quality patent. The emu wales are made of genuine sheepskin, so they are also waterproof, so waterproof. Australian sheepskin is soft, soft and helps regulate body temperature. It is strong but yet flexible, moving in the shoes made of this skin is literally a walk through the "pink garden".

Source: Dífferent.cz

Emu balls are also equipped with an anatomically shaped insole and are therefore suitable for all. The rubber outsole is made of high-quality material, is resistant to ice and trapping. The reinforced molded heel prevents "wiping", so you can use it for the next few seasons. You can wear Emu branding even on the barefoot, the sheep wool prevents sweating and gives your feet absolute warmth.

Source: Dífferent.cz

But beware of various substitutes. Do you ask how to distinguish true valences from false ones? Swarms in the form of turrets have been almost indistinguishable from the true quality Emu. So let's introduce you a few types that will make you 100% sure you wear the right ones.

Quality bouquets must have:

  • Soft and flexible soles, the sole is higher (about 1.5 cm). On the front and back of the sole there is a smooth transition, not a dividing line (as in the case of fake products).
  • On the patch, "AUSTRALIA" is printed with a thin font
  • True sheep fur, which has a natural look and is fluffy and very comfortable. If you swing the fur between your fingers, the fibers should not remain on your hands.

The EMU valances, which are among the most popular shoes on the Different , are not only practical and quality, but also cute, suitable for casual wear, but also for the mountains. If you find them on your leg once, you will not want to take them off. At our e-shop you will find the waist for even the smallest. The Emu brand offers not only waists, but also home-made tires or sleeker variants.

Published by: Differenta Team

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