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EMU Bracelets - Genuine Jewelery from Australia

  15. 10. 2013      From the fashion world

EMU's history is very rich and its products literally cult. EMU Australia believes in its brand, the premium quality of the products and the amazing manual work it takes for its employees. The EMU mark has already begun in 1948 from Jackson's tannery, which was one of the largest in its time. This family-run firm has employed many workers from the Geelong region of Australia who work in the same place today. This is why the EMU can boast a wealth of knowledge and experience because the very first sheepskin shoes were made in this area.

EMU válenky ALBA sand EMU braces ALBA sand

The quality of the EMU turrets begins with the selection of the best raw materials. In this case, it is a leading Australian Sheep Wool, which is regularly checked by EMU buyers who are constantly on the move across Australia and picking first-class material to extend the life of products.

In the following video, you can see with what love and tradition every piece of EMU produces:

EMU Cooloola Chocolate EMU Cooloola Chocolate

And what are the EMUs of the EMU?

Water resistance of sheepskin

Super soft Australian sheepskin. It is strong but still very flexible and allows for comfortable movement

3 .. Painted molded heel - there is no withering like a cheap imitation of rollers

4. Anatomically shaped insole with which you will feel like walking around the cloud. Healthy for your feet.

5. Durable and comfortable hard rubber outsole with soft EVA pad that does not overlap.

Australian sheepskin and wool has features like no other material - it's incredibly soft, flexible, helps regulate body temperature and is one of the warmest natural fibers at all. Additionally, the liner contains 100% sheep wool, which no other brands offer on the market. EMU invests a lot of money in innovation, quality and design. That is why they create the most original and beautiful sheepskin boulevards in the market and thus exceed all the expectations of their clients.

In this video you can see the waterproofness of the EMU turrets


Dětské válenky Little Creatures LadyBird Little Creatures LadyBird Baby Cups

EMU collections are now sold in 67 countries worldwide through more than 10,000 retail networks. Where can you buy your EMU vase? Visit the e-shop www.Different.cz and enjoy a new collection of unique original pieces that the winter will be a fairytale for you.

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