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EMU Australia helps

  25. 10. 2016      From the fashion world

Millions of people around the world drink unclean water that causes serious illnesses. More and more innocent children die of AIDS, malaria or dangerous measles. Women and their children have long hours of pure water because they have no choice. EMU Australia has therefore decided to help.

EMU Australia is a leading Australian brand of shoes that believes in beautiful, simple and comfortable products and strives to improve our journey through life. The EMU is based on purely natural products , uses quality materials such as sheepskin and wool, and presents a variety of innovations from year to year.

EMU Australia has teamed up with the international charity WaterAid to support poor drinking water shortages. It strives to get clean water for every individual. Thanks to this partnership, the world's 19 poorest communities are "behind water" and therefore have a seamless approach to drinking water.

By improving access to drinking water and effective hygiene, WaterAid helps prevent disease. It reduces the number of deaths associated with impure water. Children have much more time to go to school and adults get the opportunity to improve their living conditions.

The organization focuses specifically on East Timor and Papua New Guinea . The EMU owner Paul Neat East Timor himself visited to see for himself the misery of the area.

And how is cooperation going on? If you buy water-resistant EMU braces or other tires, you will be contributing to this project. For each purchase you get a practical metal bottle . The bottle will remind you every time that you have done a good thing that you really help where it is needed. So, every bottle of this bottle, you realize that just one of those communities is drinking clean and health-conscious water. And if you want to help, get the EMU shoes here and be different!

Published by: Differenta Team

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