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Emu are not just balloons!

  20. 03. 2017      From the fashion world

Under the brand Emu Australia , many of you will introduce your favorite waffles, made from genuine sheepskin and wool. Winter boots that you've enjoyed for their utmost comfort and unique style. However, they should know that Emu shoes are not just waistcoats, but also ankle boots, perforated sneakers, ballerinas, wedge boots or sandals and flip-flops. One has all types, made of high-quality, top-quality materials and comes from Australia. Let's introduce our new Emu collection for spring and summer 2017.

Emu shoes are made of high-quality leather, have a soft sole and a reinforced heel if they are not classic flip-flops. Emu this year comes with a collection of collections in which it presents shoes that are subject to current fashion trends, whether we are talking about color, material or design. So let's imagine the pieces.

Emo ankle boots

Ankle shoes are trendy, you can wear them in spring and autumn. Emu offers, for example, ankle boots made of brushed leather in bronze metallic design with rubber inserts for easy footwear or ankle pockets with a perforated top that you can wear on colder summer days.

Shoes Emu Australia

Shoes Emu Australia

Shoes Emu

Even sneakers or lace mokasins in this year's collection can not be missed. These are in beautiful blue, also perforated, for comfortable ventilation. Thanks to its versatile design, you can wear both sporty and elegant outfits. They have a reinforced heel and thanks to quality processing, they will last several seasons, and they will not go out of fashion for several years.

Shoes Emu Australia

Emo ballerinas

Popular ballerina in leather design, in metallic form, you will love the first tire. Not only do they make a luxury impression, they are luxuriously comfortable. They have a softened insole, so you can wear them all day long. Thanks to the perforated design that adorns the entire shoe surface, they prevent sweat, which is also a great summer break.

Shoes Emu Australia

Shoes on a wedge

For Emu hem enthusiasts, boots are more advanced - on a wedge or a wide heel that is absolutely "in" this year, not only that they are really comfortable but especially becoming, such as those in beige that adorn the removable and trendy fringes You can wear them without fringes and you have two "shoes" right now.

Shoes Emu Australia

Sandals Emu

We can not even forget the sandals. You can choose from a really wide range of colors and shapes. Emu's sandals have different shapes and shapes and also have a softer insole. They are therefore design, comfortable, and in short, well, they should not miss your shoe. But we think they will not warm up for a long time, because you will want to wear them constantly if the weather so permits.

Shoes Emu Australia

More inspiration, advice and tips on Emu Australia and its new collection can be heard and deciphered in another work of your Different TV. ;-)

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