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EMU - A new collection of favorite sheep wool turtles

  29. 09. 2016      From the fashion world

Emu Australia may no longer have to be imagined. It is simply a brand that is famous on the market with quality waffles, made of genuine sheepskin and wool.

What is sheep's wool?

Sheep wool is obtained from sheep, which is bred for the wool. The sheep will come for a moment, but it will grow again in time. And then the shaved wool is then applied to the shoe by Emu manufacturers.

Why Wear Sheep Wool?

... because sheep's wool will keep her legs warm and minus thirty.

... because you like quality and comfort.

... thanks to this natural material, you can wear barefoot boots without scratching your feet.

Why EMU?

Each pair has a quality certificate.

EMU manufactures its products from purely natural materials.

The brand is innovative - it represents water-resistant and frost-resistant tires.

We have to admit that this year's EMU collection really did. We are not just talking about the design, the products have improved somewhat. All shoes now have a double soleplate that is specially modified. There is no brand logo, but there are wavy, horizontal "channels" that drain water and so the sole becomes anti- skid.Inside shoes you will find a memory insole , which you will appreciate a whole new shape has got the back of the shoe, namely more reinforced heel , thanks to which there is no wiping or breaking of the boot , so your wales will last for several seasons .

Each type has different types of interior surfaces and you may ask why? The answer is simple - every sheep is different ...;)

The new collection is here, let's imagine it!

Designer novelty is these Trundle bows , which are decorated with a leather strap with a perimeter buckle. They are frost-resistant, they regulate temperature and have sheepskin. This type offers two colors - black and khaki .

Another type of woodstock is Woodstock , which again has all the features. These buckles are taller and additionally decorated with modern fringes at the back, creating an interesting effect. With this type you can choose from two colors - black and hazel.

A great novelty is Waterfall . Recognize yourself that the curtains in this shorter version are simply unrivaled and additionally decorated with a very modern fringes. Available in black, hazelnut and khaki.

Another type is the Denman Lo , which have been popular for several seasons, but this year has been improved several times. This model is decorated with two silver buttons on the outside, with the top button on the logo. Available in black and hazel.

The original design is Oxley type . These valences are   casually elegant and thanks to the neutral gray color they can be combined to virtually anything. They are decorated with a belt across the instep and a modern fringe on the back.

They say, "Best of the End", and for us, they are a clear candidate for Greenhill bestseller in denim design , outside with textile and inside with wool sheepskin, a rubber insole that makes it easy to slip and the top even rewind, and simply change designs.

How do you like a new, "choked" collection of turtles? We are excited, so be different and be different;)

Published by: Differenta Team

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