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Eliza - Area Manager for Romania: The Style of My Heart

  11. 02. 2019      From the fashion world

Our dear ones, because the Dífferentta team is a group of funny people. And even though we all have our hearts in the right place, everyone is original with his soul, body, nationality and what is important, with style. And that´s why we decided to share with you a bit of our "private life". To introduce you the members of our team to primarily show you that the job in the fashion world is obsession, pleasure, fun and long story short, it´s the love that lasts forever. 

Eliza from Differenta.ro

"Romania is her country, her style is colorful. Eli from Differenta.ro works day and night. Her aim is to communicate with customers and to translate, translate and again translate ... all kinds of things. "
  • Who's Eli?
    Energy, colors, life: that's Eli from inside out. Not only is she a mother of six-year-old Patrick, she also works full time for Differenta. She believes in connection between people, in their synergy. She says the world is more beautiful with colors. She loves diversity, variety, traveling, learning new things. She considers speaking Romanian her special ability :) She simply loves the communication with Romanian customers. She gives her heart into her work, so she doesn´t help customers only with common issues, but she also likes talking to them and getting to know them personally. Supposedly, the customers are planning to go for a coffee with her, as soon as she come to her native country.
  • What does your job position involve? I have been taking care of the Romanian version of Differenta from A to Z for three years now.
  • Where can customers see your work results? I´m the face, text and voice of the Romanian Differenta.
  • How does your working place look like? I´m the only one in our office that has a plant on his working desk and I care for it with love. My colleagues also admit that I need a bit more space than the others and I´m known for my "first aid box" that is full of candy.
  • What do you like about Different? Our team.
  • After work fun. What do you do in your free time? Where and how do you relax? In the evening I relax with a book or film. The perfect well-being atmosphere complete fragrant candles. I adore especially the ones from our e-shop.
  • In which style of clothing do you feel the best? I feel the best in elegant, colorful, original, patterned, flowered clothes. Simply crazy.
  • Do you have any other favorite brands? I love the brand Culito from Spain that is really close to my heart. Then, of course, Desigual, which also supplies my shoe rack. Moving on, Melissa and Tommy Hilfiger.

The style of my heart

Maybe nobody knows that Eli suffers from modest stage fright, every time she has to film a new episode of Differenta TV. She's so nervous that her usually smiling face fades, her breath and heartbeat accelerates, and she doesn´t talk until she stands in front of the camera. But the result is always worth it. This is also our Eliza de la Differenta.

Published by: Differenta Team

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