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Dress According to Your Body Shape

  07. 06. 2019      From the fashion world

Summer is around the corner. And that's the right time for dresses! Are you wondering what cut to choose? Don´t you even know which cut would fit you? Then you're at the right address. We've prepared a simple tutorial for you to choose the right cut for your body shape. Get inspired and shine.


The patch cut is usually shorter in length, so it is suitable particulary for smaller build. It flatters the build with wider hips and stronger buttocks.

women's dress Desigual


Close-fitting dress shows the beautiful female curves to good advantage. They optically narrow your waist and make your hips more visible. It can have both narrow or wider skirt.

women's dress Desigual


We love oversize dresses for several reasons - they are extremely comfortable and cover everything that we don´t want to show. Whether you want to hide a bigger belly or a bigger butt. However, choose the length just above your knees or shorter so that you don't look like in a sack.

women's dress Desigual


Sheath dresses fit closely to body. They are ideal to work, social events or wedding. They are close-fitting and they usually have knee length. They require a symmetrical build where the feminine curves are in balanced proportion. However, bigger size isn´t any obstacle too! :)

women's dress Desigual


Straight dresses should be chosen by women with a boyish figure, that means with a small waist and straight hips. It also suits ladies of the so-called apple body shape with a more pronounced belly area and narrow legs. It hides belly and shows off legs!

women's dress Moodo

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