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Donald Duck celebrates 85 years

  24. 08. 2019      From the fashion world

One of Walt Disney's most popular characters, Donald Duck celebrates his birthday!

He is incredible 85 years!

A drake loving donuts and, paradoxically, a roasted goose, was invented by legend, Walt Disney , who at that time had a positive "sweetheart" Mickey Mouse. But he longed for a character who had some negative trait and was a little bit broken. Donald Duck gained its appearance thanks to Carl Barks and first appeared on the screen on June 9, 1934. N, and that became a celebrity was enough just 8 minutes.

Donald Duck celebrates birthday

Desigual did not forget Donald's birthday and gave him a limited collection of clothes as a gift. Celebrate and pay homage to Duck's Birthday! Wear it not only in your mind but also on yourself!

And because the drake's career is somewhat out-of-pocket,
the Desigual brand will only wear your upper body.

Comfortable shirts for men and women, sweatshirts over the head, for men in gray, casually casual, for ladies white or dark blue with fake, peeking, denim shirt ... Donald Duck has style and you with him! You can choose here https://www.different.cz/?query=donald

Donald Duck

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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