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Does Yankee Candle produce car scents?

  25. 02. 2020      How to Dress Up

Good day,

I am looking for a suitable gift for a friend who is a job driver. Because he liked the fragrance of one Yankee Candle candle I had just taken to my apartment some time ago, I wondered if YC was also producing car fragrances. Would I get them with you?


Customer Tereza


Have a nice day, Tereza!

You have a great and original gift idea! Yankee Candle car fragrance and you can get it from us!

We regularly pick top Yankee Candle fragrances that neutralize odors , just have a look! HERE

The brand offers fragrances in 2 types of attachments:

Vent stick type is a small product in the form of pins / strips. Package contains 4 pegs. Each lasts about 14 days, so this design scents your car interior for up to 60 days.

The second is the type of Vent Clip , which has a round and more distinctive shape. The fragrance in this embodiment lasts for 6 weeks.

So which fragrance will please your friend? :)

Markéta wishes a nice and slightly different day for Team Different.cz

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