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Does the gentlemen wear under the shirt in a suit a vest?

  08. 01. 2018      How to Dress Up


I would like to ask whether the gentlemen wear under the shirt in a suit a vest?

Eva Altmannová


Dear Evo,

it is very individual. It depends on the weather and what makes the ladies comfortable, which suits them most. Usually men wear a shirt under the shirt, but it is suitable for casual outfit with a shirt open. Under the shirt in the suit are worn T-shirts or T-shirts made of special materials that sits precisely on the body and does not create unnecessary translations under the shirt.

As for your question, we can say YES men wear a shirt and a shirt under the shirt in a suit . But generally, these men are divided into two camps. One can not t-shirts and tuxedos to compliment, while others think of the goose skin when thinking about the next layer.

We see it like this. Underwear (including a T-shirt or a vest) was originally designed to get the least possible stain. In addition, lingerie protects people from unpleasant, biting materials. The shirt or shirt under the shirt warms in the winter months, protects the shirt from sweat and stains from the deodorant, and also prevents the hair on the chest to get through the shirt. We may not give you an unambiguous answer, perhaps we would advise you to do a personal survey and ask the men around you.

Nice day, Nikol from www.different.cz

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