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Doca - handbags with an idea

  06. 10. 2016      From the fashion world

Are you tired of wearing monochromatic, leather or textile handbags for one brdo, which you simply combine, but are not they interesting? We have a solution for you. Original handbags from the Greek Doco brand, which certainly no one misses.

Doca comes with a collection of handbags that not only combine and use in practice, but have something extra - an idea. So let's introduce the latest pieces.

You will certainly tell us that this Doca handbag complies with all of the above. It does not lack style, wit, or detailed sophistication. Thanks to its color combination, it combines it with both an elegant and a more sporty outfit.

This Doca handbag also has a stylish design, in the basic black, which is decorated with interesting 3D motifs, has an atypical, chained ear, which can be attached to the snap hooks and an adjustable go. With this handbag you can go to the city, but also to work, just wherever you want to take a look.

We, women, love modern and practical things and we are very pleased that this 2in1 also applies to handbags. For example, this styling is a small purse that can be worn in your hand or on the shoulder and is also a small backpack.

If you like simple outfits animated by atypical accessories, this silver queen is a clear choice for you. This beautiful metallic lettering or crossbody handbag also smashes a common outfit.

So what do you say to them? Like? We hope to inspire you to stay with us differently. ;)

Published by: Differenta Team

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