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Doca - Greek handbags and accessories

  24. 05. 2016      Different TV CZ / SK

The new part of Different TV is here, and with it the beautiful sea breeze from the Greek islands. This is a beautiful collection of Doca, which comes from Greece and has been decorated for several weeks by the website Different.cz. But what does this brand bring and in what pieces can you fall in love? Come and see us some handbags, hats or wallets.

The Greek label Doca is very individual, imaginative and original, and the most important products are handbags. Which woman has enough handbags? We do not know such a thing;) And so you need to imagine mainly handbags, because you are seriously worth it.

Among the Doca handbags you can find a small crossbody, handbags, but also great handbags or even a carry strap. Doca's handbags just think of everything. In addition, they are in beautiful motifs, so you can choose from floral patterns, but also elegant and fine tones, for example, beige colors.

You can also match your purse to your handbags. Doca wallets are beautiful but also practical. You will find a place for everything that you need in your wallet - a few card compartments , a banknote seat, and a small one. Some wallets also have an extra pocket, such as a mobile phone or a written purchase.

Glamorous hats are also inherent in Greek fashion. And since this summer is definitely a hat, you should not even have a fancy and trendy hat missing. Doca hats love you for their elegant style and charm. In the Doca hat you will look like a goddess ... anywhere.

Doco collection includes other fashion accessories - jewelry . Between them you will find imaginative and colorful necklaces and bracelets that will amaze you. In the collection you will find really beautiful pieces, with which you make your outfit perfectly perfect.

So what? Have you even gotten into the Greek wave of luxury? Long ago. And we believe that this summer will be even more different than ever before;) It is not possible with the Doca brand.

Published by: Differenta Team

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