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Do not forget International Women's Day

  04. 03. 2020      From the fashion world

March 8 is already Sunday, and many countries around the world will once again recall the power of women who fought for equality, voting rights, elimination of discrimination and justice. Yes, the MDZ is not a relic of socialism, but a meaningful holiday that we should not forget.

Previously, the symbol of this holiday was a red carnation. Today it is rather donated from the recession ... Choose this year instead of flowers fashion gift , which, unlike flowers will not fade and will give your gifted woman much longer. Check out which gifts you can replace the flowers?

Candles smell as beautiful as flowers

Almost every woman likes candles. It scents the interior for long hours and is also a nice decoration. You can give it to your mother, grandma, aunt or friend. The Yankee Candle and WoodWick brands , which not only impress with their aroma, but also with the cracking wooden wick, also determine two scents that fit the season for each month. And you get them at a discounted price. So with such a gift you will delight your dear wives and your wallet.

Instead of flowers, floral dress

And here it is! A spring collection of dresses above which your partner's heart would rejoice. You want her to look good, don't you? So give our tip and donate it to the MDŽ Desmual dress with floral patterns, in which she too bloom.

But there are women who don't like dresses, and they shouldn't come short, a great tip might be t-shirts and tops from the spring collection that fit every day , pants and skirts, so ladies can really enjoy them, no matter what the weather is.


Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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