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Do not be dazzled at home with the perfect outfit

  23. 04. 2016      From the fashion world

Do you also ever feel that when you are at home, are you totally uncomfortable? Do not you wear any make-up, have your hair tied up in a mess, and what you're wearing is not worth talking about? And do you ever feel that you want to do something about it because you think that even though "home is at home", would you like to be in the eyes of your partner? We have a clear solution for you, style Desigual or Diesel brand and you will see that all these feelings will be there ...;)

In our e-shop offering a wide selection of domestic clothing from various overalls, sweatpants, leggings, shorts, T-shirts, sweatshirts and pareo to nightgowns and bathrobes. For the year 2016, Desigual has also garnered his collection in the smallest detail, so all the pieces are perfectly matched to each other . However, judge yourself.

Domestic pieces from the Desigual brand

Even the Diesel brand did not roll off and in this year's collection it introduced cool, stylish and quality pieces that will make you feel good, but you will look good too. And so it may happen that, for example, your kitchen corner turns into a fashion pier;).

Perfect pieces from Diesel

PS: Do not be home-grown, but be the queen of your household.

Published by: Differenta Team

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