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Disaster Designs - Comeback

  11. 07. 2018      From the fashion world

Catastrophe! Disaster! Calamity! Again she flashed into our warehouses and joyfully chewed our faces because we missed it just like you - Disaster Designs !

Back are popular fashion accessories and unclouded designs that can capture every sophisticated detail and themes that act playfully, romantically and unusually.

The Disaster Handbags have a nice, sturdy, atypical briefcase shape, making it an original piece that you will not want to put out of hand. Wear them not only in your hand but also as a crossbody, which is often more comfortable. Just choose between flowers, animals or travel prints.

Disaster handbag

Disaster handbag

Wallet is an indispensable part of us all and every day. We all need a different one, but we all want to like it! Believe that Disaster wallet looks at you at first glance, and the other will remain in that affection, because after opening you will find that all three have P - practicality, clarity and spaciousness.

wallet Disaster

Popularity is getting more and more documents! You from Disaster will love you! They are great, they have plenty of pockets, pockets and compartments, so you can arrange all your papers, receipts, cards, business cards and as a bonus a photo, a pen or even a mobile phone. Just decide which one is the most beautiful ...

Disaster documentary

And if that's not enough, do not be afraid, in stock there are original mugs, stylish cosmetic bags, plaques or trendy scarves. It is therefore more than clear that Disaster is a disaster for our wallets, because when we see such accessories, we all need them.

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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