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DIFFERENT ISLAND- island full of fashion accessories!

  07. 12. 2013      From the fashion world

Have you liked Desigual , Melissa and Disaster Designs ? Do you prefer comfortable and fast shopping? Then we opened a new fashion island DIFFERENT ISLAND in OC Olympia shopping center in Pilsen.


The project was launched on September 21, 2013 and will complement you with the Spanish brand Desigual , one of the most prestigious in Europe, combining fun, freshness, originality and luxury. Desigual is also spoken of as a small artistic work of the fashion industry. Come to OC Olympia Pilsen to enjoy accessories from Desigual, you will find handbags, scarves, tapes, wallets and original jewelery.


Have you heard of Melissa's Brazilian plastic shoes, which are a celebration of the design and also smell good? That not? Come discover their comfort, thanks to the special flexible material Melflex, these shoes are unique, they are shaped according to your feet and you will not want to throw them away! In addition, you will surely love them because of their candy scent.


The third brand you can find in DIFFERENT ISLAND is the English Disaster Designs , drawing you into the atmosphere of the British countryside with a touch of romance and vintage style. Disaster Designs introduces not only handbags and wallets, but also bracelets, pendants, original Ipad packaging, travel cases and scarves.



The Island full of fashion brands brings you the perfect tips for original and distinctive gifts for your loved ones. And, of course, also a smiling service that will be happy to help you. Be Different with DIFFERENT ISLAND!

Published by: Team Different

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