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  09. 02. 2014      Different TV CZ / SK

The fashionable island of Different Island was opened at OC Olympia Pilsen in September 2013. So we made Christmas madness and gave us a lot of joy under fashionable trees :) In the Different Island concept we offer fashion accessories of the Spanish brand Desigual (handbags, belts, wallets, scarves, ), British brands Santoro London and Disaster Designs and also Melissa plastic shoes.

Fragrant platos Melissa shoes are only available in the spring / summer season, because it is a Brazilian brand and the winter collection is not so strong. Melissa Spring / Summer shoe collection is always a bumper. Plastic comfortable and perfectly washable ballerinas are an ideal summer shoe.

The opening hours at Different Island are from 9:00 to 21:00 every day. Pilsen or Pilsen passengers, stop with us and choose from a wide range of fashion accessories from beautiful world fashion brands.

More information about the modest island of Different Island can be found here: http://magazin.differentfashion.cz/en-sveta-mody/different-island-ostrov-plny-modnich-doplnku/

You can find accessories and assortment from a fashionable island at our e-shop: http://www.differentfashion.cz/

Published by: Team Different

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