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Different Island

  02. 02. 2016      From the fashion world

Although we are mainly here for you all, through our e-shop Different.cz, in Plzeň you can meet us personally in two stone shops and over the winter and at one of the stands in OC Olympia Plzeň. Our Different Island, as we call the island in the middle of the corridor, will soon be silenced, and so we may (perhaps a bit nostalgic) want to remind you of the beautiful pieces you could get in Iceland.

On our Different Island you get used to the whole fast. It was maybe even when we were in the hall of the Olympia shopping center a few moments before Christmas , so we started to "hang you out" with gifts since November. Our goal was to show you that different.com does not only sell clothes, handbags and shoes. We wanted to give you space to look back a little further, to the brands we just fell in love with.

Speaking about Santoro , Disaster , OPS! Objects and KeepCup . These brands can not be overlooked thanks to the beautiful colors that together play great harmony, but also because of the creativity of the motives and materials.

Santoro London - Ladybird

We have already brought you a great deal about the Santoro London English brand and you can read the brand's brand history on trendy brands . Now we'd like to introduce you to two totally favorite dolls that sparkled with your hearts brilliantly. And no wonder - they are magical. We love the 100% pink Ladybird and the tender Mirabelle Augustine. Handbags, wallets, and small keychains make joy beneath a tree of every one of you.

Santoro London - Augustine

Equally romantically tender, but in a way original, is also the Disaster brand. Disaster offers a variety of wallets of all sizes and motifs. In addition to these, you can also get perfect practical documents or imaginative thermos for long journeys.

Disaster Designs

OPS! We loved Objects just like you. Plastic bracelets , largely reminiscent of chains, along with a distinctive pendant , often in the shape of a heart, stunned anyone who passed through Iceland. The choice is made of classic, monochrome bracelets, patterned but also elegant with pearls. But we do not end up with the bracelets because you can perfectly match the bracelet to your iPhone or watch .

bracelet OPS! Objects

One of the last little things you could find behind the Different Island magazine are the plastic, KeepCup travel mugs . KeepCup plastic mugs have been prepared for you in a variety of sizes and colors , so it's really something to choose from. You can find our permanent offer, as with all brands, at our eshop.

a KeepCup cup

The big hit for 2015 (and it seems that this year) is the Obag handbags . We could not ignore this trend, so we brought them for you from Italy to Iceland, and of course to our Pilsen branches. They are, of course, on the eshop . You can choose from several body colors, ear material and inner bag patterns.

purse Obag

Different Island closes again in the middle of February, like every spring and summer, but do not despair, you know where to look for us. ;) Rooseveltka, and mainly: www.different.cz . ;)

Published by: Differenta Team

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