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Different in the media - November 2018

  17. 12. 2018      Writing about us

Christmas is here! Looking for gifts at the last minute? Then we have a few more types for you. Yes, we could say that we are actually inexhaustible to ideas. And in this article, let's take a look at the Christmas gift tips recommended by our / your favorite magazines. There is a blessing there, so be inspired, sit down comfortably and get the right Christmas atmosphere.

The magazine Chvilka for you recommends taking gifts not only for your loved ones, but also for yourself. It is common knowledge that no woman has ever been jealous of jewelry, and so make a joy to make an interesting necklace from the Desigual brand. For yourself, you can buy an interesting cap with Scotch & Soda brand, which is subject to the latest fashion trends.

MF Ona magazine today recommends that you get tidy at home. So, you should not miss a bathrobe or sweatpants, dear ladies luxury Emu slippers, made of genuine sheepskin and waves that regulate temperatures, so you can go barefoot and ideally. Their legs do not fit, nor do they fit in them.

And with Christmas, of course, sports activities are connected so that you can run all of the food quickly, so the Beautiful and Healthy and Run Magazines recommend stylish and, above all, high-quality, under- arm sports underwear .

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