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Different Fashion in the Media - March 2014

  12. 10. 2014      Writing about us

In March 2014, we were mentioned in Blesk magazines (an internet edition, an article called Fashion Hits, in which you will not let go! ), Time for Stars, Fashion Club, Glanc, Moment for You, Puls, Vlasta and others.

The magazine Chvilka pro vás stojí za zmínku. The owner of Different Fashion e-shop Milan Polák here advises what trends for 2014 will play the prime.

Glancc6_titulka Casprohvezdyc10_2 Casprohvezdyc10_titulka Fashionclub c4_titulka Glancc6 Glancc6_titulka Chvilkaprotebec11 Chvilkaprotebec11_titulka

Published by: Team Different

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