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Different Fashion in the Media - August 2014

  22. 10. 2014      Writing about us

In the August Fleece for Women, Santoro London products were rated as Tip of the Week. Specifically, it was a magical designer note with cute motifs. The Blesk magazine for women, of course, did not miss out that Santoro London's brand products are available at www.Different.cz .

Katka Magazine literally loved Desigual accessories - "Scarf is an add-on that looks different every time. Just know how to tie him. Interesting models can be found in Desigual. "It is not the same with the Mel shoes , at least according to the excerpt from Katka with the title Plastic Time.

Lightning for women 34_2014_titulka Claudia 35_2014_1 Katka 36_2014_titulka Katka 36_2014

Published by: Team Different

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