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Different.cz - summary of 2014 and news for the year 2015 - 49.DÍL - DIFFERENTTV.CZ

  19. 01. 2015      Different TV CZ / SK

What news did you have with us in 2014? Watch another part of the Internet TV Different TV;)

More than 20,000 fans on Facebook, the largest Czech encyclopedia of fashion brands - www.ModniZnacky.cz or a new domain www.Different.cz for your easier remembering and entering into the browser.

Dofferent TV's trendy Internet TV is also starting to grow. Some parts were tracked by 5000 people;) Thank you very much for this and we will keep our fashion on internet TV forward.

Fashion, clothes, accessories and everything. This is what we enjoy in Different. Therefore, expect a great ride in the next year. The new brands are already on the way to us and they are really wonderful.

Last year, read also in our fashion magazine: http://magazin.differentfashion.cz/english-mody/jaky-different-rok-2014/

Published by: Team Different

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