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Different.cz in the media - September 2018

  29. 10. 2018      Writing about us

The autumn is already in full swing and the beautiful autumn colors attack us from all sides. In the woods, in towns and villages. It is beautiful, sunshine, so we do not even want to fall into the dark colors. And we do not have to. The colors of this autumn are in the color-block style. Pink with red, pink with orange or orange with pink. Of course, this year we will not go down with the color of khaki, powder, wine and mustard. Let's look at what current trends we could find in the September issue of our favorite magazines.

The Katka Magazine inspires accessories in the form of ribbons. Mascara to find her. This was once called, but something is still happening today. The cuff is a cute adornment that you can wear anywhere at any age. Evidence is made of plastic ballerina Melissa with a decorative bow on the tip.

World Women magazine advises how to excel in fitness. The dresses can be from head to toe - great pieces can be found in the SPORT section , both men's and women's. Krásný rok magazine inspired home accessories, including Santoro mugs or Yankee Candle candles.

Katka magazine

Katka magazine

Women's World magazine

Women's World magazine

Magazine Krásný rok

magazine Krásný rok

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