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Different.cz in the media - October 2018

  29. 11. 2018      Writing about us

Autumn is in full swing and boots, boots, winter jackets, coats and hats asbysmet. Summer clothes were definitely buried at the bottom of our wardrobes, and winter is just hanging out in the closets. And because every winter we can always find something beautiful - sunshine, water, sunscreen, simple outfits in summer. In winter, the mountains and layers. Layering is fun, so let's enjoy it. The main trend is now sweaters. It's not saying that it's a sweater weather. Let's take a look at what fashion trends fall in our favorite magazines.

We start at the boots. Burda Style magazine tells us what shoes we should not miss in our autumn winter boot. We clearly give our green boots. You will never lose it. You will appreciate them especially in the rainy weather with which to fall. we meet more often. That's why Burda recommends Tommy Hilfiger stylish boots in a superior design with a neoprene top, which also makes you feel great. They are warm and becoming.

In Story , you can inspire trends with colors such as powdered, mustard or gray. This is the top color of this autumn. If you like fashion trends, then you should have pieces of these colors in your fall shoe and wardrobe. How about a heavy-duty Converse dildo sneaker ?

Every original outfit is also made up of original fashion accessories, get an interesting jewel for each outfit! This is advised by the World Women magazine . Whether you reach for an interesting bracelet from the brand Desigual or maybe a bracelet after Italian brand Ops! Objects , we know for sure that you will not go anywhere.

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