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Different.cz in the media - November 2015

  02. 12. 2015      Writing about us

Christmas is definitely here. And if you have not missed out on Christmas decorations all around or from the lighted Advent Calendar, you have to notice 100 percent of the pages of magazines and magazines that are coming from us. In them you will find various tips for Christmas decoration and Christmas presents. And, of course, there are also no Different tips. ;)

On the pages of the December residential housing magazine, you can see a variety of decorations to the apartment. One such decoration, which also has a practical function, is the Santoro can with a fabulous doll as a motive. You can use it for example for loose tea or coffee .. or anything else.

You can find the biscuits can in the Fashion Club magazine. The can is in the fun theme of Scottie Dogs and also from Santoro London. On the same side you have a great tip for a daughter or any woman. A pink cosmetic bag with a Ladybird will delight a woman at any age.

If you need to get a gift for more practical characters, but who like the style, a clear tip is the Melli Mello notebook , which Story tells you. This colorful and cheerful notebook will not only delight, but after another year, a pleasant and practical companion for every day.

Christmas is just fun and choosing gifts for the most loved ones can never be a stressful affair. If you choose with love , you can never cut it. ;) And of course we will be happy to help with the selection. <3

Published by: Differenta Team

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