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Different.cz in the media - February 2016

  20. 03. 2016      Writing about us

The February numbers of all magazines are filled with love and romance. This is for obvious reasons - Valentine's Day will simply swallow each of us in the second month of each year. And what different pieces do magazines recommend you to be irresistible? Check with us the best of them.

In Esthetic magazine, they were thinking not only of romance, but also of elegance and a bit of practicality. Since there is still no spring weather in February, we need to think of a timeless one that can surprise us at any time. Therefore, on the February pages of this magazine, you will find a tip for a stylish umbrella from Desigual , which you can buy at our eshop. Another interesting tip is an interesting, plastic bracelet OPS! Objects .

But the February issue of Katka magazine also thinks about the days when the sun is finally coming out and we will want to show up. However, there is a need for some of that sport to have something to show. The new Desigual sport collection is creative, original and definitely different, so Katka magazine recommends Desigual color shoes and a sports bag . On the same side, however, you will find a sophisticated Bobble bottle , which you will also find on our site.

Linda Magazine wrapped this whole romance this month. That's why you'll find some tips on Valentine's Day to experience style and trends . You should not miss an original and romantic bracelet OPS! Objects called Boulle Chick.

When you have everything that belongs to the original outfit , you only miss one perfect match. The add-on in the form of a scarf is a must for all who want to fine-tune their look. That's why you'll find two tips on the original Desigual scarf on Linda's February issue.

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