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Desigual - The new collection of autumn / winter 2013

  03. 09. 2013      From the fashion world

We bring you a story of love, love for fashion, described by desigual designers. The new collection of autumn / winter 2013 is called We Love and love is full of the coming season.

"We Love" reflects this whole collection and is a true confession of love for all current and future Desigual customers. We want to pamper you to enter our world and create an emotional bond to be closer to you. Our love is unconditional, just as love should be - blind. We like all kinds of people and we hope that all people, different styles and mentality will love us. We want all-embracing love. We want our La Vida es Chula to be universal and reflect the three basic concepts that make sense - Sex, Fun & Love. To achieve this goal, this time we changed direction and looked at our past to identify the true essence of Desigual that makes us unique.

Desigual - Sex, Fun & Love Desigual - Sex, Fun & Love

The term SEX reflects our encounter with the most up-and-coming social clothing. It combines elements such as lace, flowers, sequins and unmatched red and black combinations. For this season, the term Sex is represented by a black lace print. Jacquard coats appear in white and black, knitted jackets, but also in Chanel style coats, perfectly redesigned in Desigual style.

On the contrary, FUN reflects the DNA of Desigual. For Galactic, we've developed smoother circles for women who prefer less eccentric clothing. In addition to traditional Galactic Circles, the collection features new ethno motifs and a striking symmetry game.

Desigual and play with symmetry Desigual and play with symmetry

The term LOVE reflects the casual urban and folk trends. Part of Love comes with military hooded jackets in a typical Desigual design or perhaps with a pair of cushion trousers. Ethnic patterns, photographic prints, or dresses with a rough color stitch will be a distinctive motif.

The notion of Love and Folk Trends The notion of Love and Folk Trends

Baroque, Romantic and French - this is the essence of the Christian Lacroix series. The key pieces are knit and jacquard dresses, in a typical palette of colors - white, black, red. Autumn parts of the collection will be dominated by green, fuchsia and khaki.

Desigual and Cirque du Soleil - this combination of fashion and circus has been successful for several seasons. This season brings a new element - pop art and zebra animal motif. The Cirque du Soleil collection is still strong and draws inspiration from the enchanting circus posters.

Desigual and Cirque du Soleil Desigual and Cirque du Soleil

Returns the essence of Desigual - to be different ... so be different;)

Published by: Team Different

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