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Desigual SS19 - a new spring / summer 2019 collection right now and here!

  21. 12. 2018      From the fashion world

Violata, yes, you are reading well, although it is only Christmas, but we know it as the first one to wear in the new year in spring and summer and you already know it too. The new Desigual collection for Spring and Summer 2019 has just landed on our eshop and we can not blame it for being divine. Do not be afraid, we definitely do not leave the beauty for ourselves alone, let us share it with you, now and here!

Although it has just begun winter, we, as we do every year, stock up on the eshop for the upcoming season. But that does not alter the fact that it is full of beautiful and practical pieces you are not using now. Desigual you can wear all year round, just in the winter "summer" dress you can make a little stockings and kosačkami. Tílka cardigans and t-shirts with stylish scarves.

Even the current collection is full of design, trapped pieces. Some are also multifunctional, so for one price. handbags, you get the handbags right now. At the cost of one shoe, you have two with interchangeable tapes. In short, Desigual improves and surprises year after year.

From fashion accessories, you can look forward to colorful but also decent handbags in popular designs and shapes, but also in plenty of new designs. On wallets, scarves, or jewelry . Besides, judge yourself.

Desigual ladies coat

Desigual ladies shirt

women's dress Desigual

Desigual handbag

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