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Desigual SS 2016 - New and stylish handbags

  28. 02. 2016      From the fashion world

Desigual with each collection comes with better and more original designs, styles and ideas. And since we are not behind, we'll introduce you the best piece of a range of accessories. This time it's about handbags. So sit down comfortably, take a shot and inspire yourself.

The first type that we will introduce is Bandolera . Everybody has Bandolera, because it is foldable and practical. This handbag has a main pocket that can be closed with zipper, with small, adjacent, open pockets such as keys or a mobile phone and a smaller zipped pocket. Outside of the handbag there is a smaller zipped pocket for small things and a small pocket beneath it. The handbag has a detachable strap that can be adjusted to any length. At our shop you can choose from several designs and colors that you can easily match to any outfit. Like this type of African Art in jean design.

Desigual Bandolera African Art Bag

If you prefer a smaller, more comfortable handbag, we recommend Toulouse type. The handbag is small in size and you can wear it with a strap as a crossbody, but also as a letterhead. If you look at the practical part of the handbag, there are two main pockets and inside the inside pocket you can find one small side zipper and two small pockets. A beautiful version that you can wear for social events is this black Toulouse Emma handbag with golden fittings.

Desigual handbag Toulouse Emma.

If you prefer larger dimensions, we have several types for you. Ideal for you type McBee, London Rotterdam or Seville . The McBeh-branded handbag has a main zipped pocket that includes smaller adjacent pockets for small items. On the front of the handbag you can find one smaller patent pocket, as well as a zipped pocket at the back. In addition, it has a removable, adjustable shoulder strap, you can also wear it as a crossbody.

Desigual McBee Culture Club

The London type has a main storage compartment with zipper and three inner pockets. A bunch of pockets have a handbag outside on all sides, some of which are zippered, others are patent and some are loose. The handbag has short handles and a long adjustable go, so you can wear it comfortably in your hand, but over your shoulder.

Handbag London Med Tanika

Another great product that Desigual offers is Rotterdam . The handbag is bigger and more practical in its size because it is hidden in a smaller notebook or larger notebook. The handbag can be taken over the shoulder, has a removable strap , but also in the hand . It has two front storage pockets for smaller items and one main zipped pocket that includes adjacent pockets for small items .

Desigual handbag Rotterdam Far West

And the last type mentioned is a handbag that has the name Seviila . This handbag has a main storage compartment for zip fastening and includes three smaller pockets, suitable for storing the phone and other things. Practical pockets can also be found outside, on the sides of the handbag, and on the back is a patent pocket. You can wear this handbag comfortably over your shoulder, in your hand and hanging on your forearms. Also includes long, detachable braces .

Desigual Sevilla Selene Handbag

At our shop we offer many other types, styles and designs, so do not hesitate to see what this Spring / Summer 2016 collection offers.

Published by: Differenta Team

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