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Desigual SS 16 - Sports Collection

  30. 03. 2016      From the fashion world

WARNING: This article is intended for people who like to care not only for their inner beauty but also for the outside ones. Tamtadadáááá ... Dear ladies, the new collection Desigual for Spring / Summer 2016 presents a totally dazzling, exceptional and functional sports collection.

Spring is coming soon and summer as we go, so we spend our free time as much as possible in fitness or "run" the neglected kilometers to knock some of the pounds or to shape our imperfect figure back to perfection and satisfaction. we sleep and sweat, but sometimes we do not feel so good that we should have such a performance, but we surely deserve a good feeling and you know why, because that feeling makes us happy and happy.

Do you think that if you go to work and in the evening you will not get burned energy to catch up with food, does the feeling come on? It is possible, but we have discovered a much more interesting option . A good feeling of how we feel internally is what we look like . Unfortunately, goodbye, it is so! And because we came to this "gró" in time, we want to give it to you, in the form of a beautiful, stylish and very functional outfit designed for sport and recreation . The new, spring and summer collection of Desigual for 2016. Comfortable now sit down, keep your eyes on, get a taste and inspire yourself because 3 ....... 2 ...... 1 .... NOW we are starting!

First of all, the most important part of any sport outfit is a well-chosen and even better-looking shoe. Desigual shoes meet both aspects, are functional, elastic, have a soft soles, and are almost uncomfortable on the feet, among others they are design and no one around you is guaranteed to be overlooked.

Desigual sports boots

Desigual sportswear is one of the most functional, solid and becoming. For example, the sporty leggings that we have in various designs are popular with, for example, those with a wide, hemming hem, which can be pulled down to fit the figure. Desigual Leggings have extra ventilation under the knees and are suitable for all sports activities . They are made of breathable material that sucks the sweat and, moreover, they make a great figure .

Desigual sports leggings

An important part of the outfit is also the upper part. T-shirts, t-shirts or tops made of functional, absorbent and comfortable material are the Desigual brand. Desigual 's sportswear is made of a comfortable, elastic material that is suitable for all sporting activities. In such a sports vest you will feel great and you will look beautiful in it.


Recognize yourself that such an outfit simply does not make a mistake. However, Desigual did not forget either sports jackets or bags . But do not forget the drinking mode that will help you with the Bobble filter bottle , which, thanks to the unique carbon filter, will get rid of contaminated water . Additionally, you can change the filter to create designs in different colors according to your mood. The bottle can withstand 150 filtered liters . It is usually necessary to replace the filter after every 2 months .

Bobble Sports Bottles Sports

You know, you practice, drink and sweat. Even so, you just want to look good. Do not be afraid, Desigual is always thinking of you, and it is the set of the most original Desigual living towels .

Desigual Color Towel
So put the top, bottom, shoes, bottle and towel in your bag and you can go. We hope you will love not only the clothes, but how well you look, but also yourselves. We hope you will achieve the results to your utmost satisfaction. #budtedifferent ... ;-)

Published by: Differenta Team

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