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Desigual sport FW16 - a collection that surpasses outfits from Rio

  20. 08. 2016      From the fashion world

Desigual marks this year, marking a new collections for autumn and winter 2016. The pieces designed for athletes will probably exceed the teams of this year's Olympics in Rio. We have to admit that this year's sporting collection is really wonderful. It features colors and motifs that match perfectly and for which you will not have to be ashamed even in the years to come. Stylish pieces are colorful, stylish and additionally fully functional.

The Desigual brand has been working with leading brands of sporting brands, creating clothes that are made directly for sports enthusiasts. Clothes that show you proudly not only in fitness but also in your leisure activities. The collection presents several designs that are perfectly suited to each other. From tops to shoes and bags , in short, anything that comes to mind - goes together. The colorful pieces are beautifully combined with those simple, monochromatic. Simply brilliant.

When you check out our e-shop in the women's sportswear section, you will find that you have a really great selection and you may have the problem to choose individual pieces, but we are here to advise you. We have to admit that the outfits are sophisticated this year. Which proves their division in this collection by letters. For example, when a product ends with a letter B, which means Blackville . If it ends with a letter G, it's Gipsy . Letter A means Aloha and W corresponds to the meaning of Wild.

We chose one outfit that we think is absolutely perfect for all types of sporting activities.

First of all, it's important to choose the right shoes. Footwear is the most important element of the whole outfit. So suppose you want universal footwear for all sports activities. Run, fit or aerobic . The ideal ones are - running. They have a higher, soft sole and slightly bevelled heel. They are functional, flexible and totally comfortable. With a variety of colors, you can easily combine it with any outfit.

For example, this outfit in purple shades. Colorful bottom and simple top are trendy in recent years and this is not the case anymore. The leggings also have a special material in the back, along the calf, thanks to which there is ventilation . Which you will appreciate 100% in sport.

An important part of any sporting equipment is of course a bag . This sports bag is spacious. It has longer ears, so you can wear it in your hand or just over your shoulder. There is also a removable strap that you can freely set. Inside the main pocket is n ěkolik practical, large pockets for small items. The bag is also made of quality, washable material and is suitable not only for sport but also for traveling.

The icing on the cake is this season's functional Desigual coat , made from a special, breathable and yet waterproof material that reminds neoprene . On the hips there are inserts that make you not fall into your coat. You coat the coat while you're running into a fitta, and it's good when you're going to nature.

That's how we can go on for a long time, but we hope we've introduced you the most important thing and you can make a simple picture of how great this sporting collection is. And now it's up to you what bits you choose. ;)

Published by: Differenta Team

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