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Desigual sneakers

  31. 03. 2015      Different TV CZ / SK

In the 58th part of DifferentTV.cz we look at the Desigual sneakers. Boring, tight boots without a single idea no longer care for your shoe, so it would be nice to look at the original boots. We have them for you;)

Desigual sneakers are what you are looking for. They are made directly in Spain, and so the quality of these sneakers can be directly guarded by Desigualem much more than if they were made in Asia. Spanish shoe production is known worldwide, since shoes from this country have always been interesting and always very good.

As Germany is known for its cars, so Spain for the production of shoes. Desigual's sneakers are in many color variations in this collection. Maybe you in the golden-beige combination are just great. You can tune your outfit to these colors exactly with these Desigual Boots ;)

You have also been popular since the start of this year's boot in the category DESIGNERS SHOES on Different.cz in the red- colored combination. Especially those without laces are your biggest hit, which you have chosen for your shopping.

Thank you for this, and we already have all the missing sizes, so if you can not find your size of the sneakers, then you know it will soon appear;)

Published by: Team Different

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