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Desigual Paulina - Spring / Summer 2014 - 15.díl - DifferentTV.cz

  27. 01. 2014      Different TV CZ / SK

You are watching 15th Different TV dedicated to the colorful set from the Spring / Summer 2014 collection called Desigual Paulina. Do you want to refresh your wardrobe and get some beautiful summer bits that you will not miss out on and that will make you smile on your face? Then inspire yourself with this video. We will introduce you in detail the Desigual set Paulina, whose main theme is flowers, mandalas and birds. In this Paulina collection you will find handbags, purses and scarves. So get out of line and be different in summer;)

An article about the Paulina set can be found under this link: http://magazin.differentfashion.cz/ze-sveta-mody/od-hlavy-az-k-pate-set-desigual-paulina-inspirovany-pestrobarevnymi-kolibriky/

You can find Paulina set in our e-shop here: http://www.differentfashion.cz/en/19-desigual-cables-tasks

Wallet with Paulina motif can be found here: http://www.differentfashion.cz/en/102-penezenky-desigual

Paulina scarf can be found under this link: http://www.differentfashion.cz/cs/101-satky-saly-desigual

Published by: Team Different

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