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Desigual handbags for ladies and rebels!

  17. 01. 2018      From the fashion world

We have a new Desigual Spring / Summer 2018 collection, full of great and original fashion pieces not only in clothing but also in fashion accessories. In this article, we would like to introduce you to the most brilliant Desigual handbags for ladies and rebels! Desigual is no longer just a classic wilderness, and so in this collection, every woman comes to her age and position. You can choose both sporty shapes and elegant ones. Both from work-ready bags and crossbody handbags to a party. Let's look at them. He points out that we chose moderate pieces, not the typical Desigual.

Spacious multifunctional Desigual handbag

This kind of Desigual called Capri has loved a lot of you and is not surprised. It belongs to the top must have pieces, because it is not a handbag one but three. This multifunctional Desigual handbag is actually 3in1. You have two designs and two sizes. The inner bag can also serve as a practical crossbody to the city by attaching an adjustable strap to it. The cost of the handbag is very similar to another, so investing in this 3-in-1 handbag really pays off and you will not have to worry about having to bring your important things from one bag to another.

women's Desigual handbag

Desigual two-sided handbag

Elegant, stylish and once again very practical is this two-sided Desigual handbag . Double-sided is this handbag in the sense that it has a different but functional flap on each side, so you can alternate both sides according to mood or outfit. This elegant shape will suit all elegant women.

women's Desigual handbag

Stylish crossbody handbag Desigual

For all "rebels" we have a great tip for a Desigual handbag in a rock style.The handbag has a practical detachment and fits any sporty or elegant outfit with metal elements, a leatherette base and a lot of wear. so you can also wear it like a letter.

women's Desigual handbag

Original crossbody / Desigual

If you want a bit of an unconventional piece, go for this beauty. You can wear this Desigual handbag as a crossbody or as a letterhead . It's great, practical, cute, suitable for party or festival, but also for casual wear, for simple but also for those wilder outfits. Fantasies are not limited.

women's Desigual handbag

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