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Desigual Fall / Winter 2014

  30. 01. 2014      From the fashion world

Introducing the Autumn / Winter 2014 collection "Why?" Desigual was held in Barcelona on January 28, 2014. The main star of the show was Topmodel Irina Shayk, a girlfriend of Cristian Ronald.

This collection is a confession of love for all the wild people in this world. For all those who dare to be themselves, break the established order, overcome their fear and laugh out loud. We have created an exotic collection of pieces made in adventure rhythm. Textures and graphics that begin in the desert of Gobi and end in the Amazon.
We are all a little wild inside. Even you! Why not show it for a moment and let it go out?

Desigual shop at the official dealer here: DESIGUAL

Published by: Team Different

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