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Desigual brand sale

  09. 06. 2017      From the fashion world

We have a great message for all Desigual lovers. Day "D" is here! It is just starting to sell all desigual items that we currently have on stock! SALE starts this Saturday, June 10, 2017 and is valid until the stock has been sold out.

Desigual sale

Do you have a dress or purse look for and decide what to do with your wallet? Think you do not have to think and buy both, we have great discounts for you, so you can make a lot of pleasure.

The sale refers to all the things we have in store, the current collection Desigual Spring / Summer 2017 . This collection is full of novelties. Of course, colorful pieces with typical mandalas are still no.1 in this collection, however Desigual has come with moderate pieces this year , which you can wear for social events or other formal occasions. Imagine underneath both monochromatic dresses with decent patterns and full-color handbags in a monochrome design with a traditional motif.

A big hit that also accompanies the Desigual SS17 collection is also Boho Chic style , inspired by the 70s and the hippie in modern design. These are lace, various embroidery, asymmetrical cuts or transparent elements. So you really have a choice. And what could you do?

What about these Desigual ...

Dress Desigual

... or this great Desigual handbag ...

Desigual handbag

... and what about jeans in Boo chic style?

denim jacket Desigual

... enough talk and come buy your favorite Desigual .

Published by: Differenta Team

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