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Design boots, a grateful fashion accessory

  27. 08. 2013      From the fashion world

Boots were originally made as special footwear for water and mud protection. Who would have guessed they would become an inherent part of our shoemakers?

It is not easy to orientate in that mix of colors, patterns, type and heights. It's not like a bootie! When choosing this, take care not only of the nice look but also of the quality. Here you will surely bring Melissa boots.

Melissa Shoes from the autumn / winter 2013 collection Melissa Shoes from the autumn / winter 2013 collection or boots can be sexy

The Melissa brand has prepared a brand new 2 in 1 for this autumn-winter season. The Melissa Riding model brings a practical and stylish boot in one, all in equestrian design. At first glance, these Melissa designer boots are at the second glance of the practical boots above the ankles. Model Riding is comfortably composed of a soft low boot and a high removable sleeve. The cuff is attached to the shoe with a plastic strap that is fastened under the foot. For ladies with a wider calf, the back of the sleeve is made of rubber, for easier fitting the zipper is full length.

Melissa Riding boots Melissa Riding boots

The higher price of these boots is redeemed with practical use - without a sleeve, this model will bring you a stylish tire suitable for loose trousers. On the other side of the shoe, you will be amazed at the narrow jeans or leggings. At first glance, it is obvious that it is not ordinary boots, but about selected and stylish footwear in warm autumn days and winter discomfort.

Are high designer boots really extravagant for you? Hits are also low horses! Melissa Model Protection offers stylish cowboy boots that are ageless classic. Available in several colors. In brown and black - both colors in plastic design with patina. In suede style, classical Melissa plastic boots with suede upper layer are available in gray-kerosene color. With a height just above the ankles, it is suitable for trousers. But the model of Alessandro Ambrosia, these luxurious boots also suit your skirt, what do you say?

Shoes Melissa and Alessandra Ambrosio Luxurious boots Melissa and Alessandra Ambrosio

Melissa Protection boots in kerosene color Melissa Protection boots in kerosene color

Published by: Team Different

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