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Denim Mania takes - fashion tips from denim

  24. 05. 2019      From the fashion world

Whether you are male or female,
Denim you need.

Denim . A material that we can boldly and proudly call universal. She has had her permanent place in fashion for years , both in regular fashion chains and in world-renowned brands. We love it in all colors, in many cuts and designs. If you haven't dared to do so yet, stop hesitating, definitely not next door.


But if you have already succumbed to denim fluids, then you will surely take the breathtaking news for spring / summer 2019 from our brands.

We should start with the immortal classics. Jeans. The foundation is always a well-fitting, well-groomed cut, the closest to your heart, and possibly the details that catch the eye of passers-by.

Ladies ' Desigual jeans are just like that. They fit perfectly, decorate them with a subtle but unmistakable embroidery and it's just a pleasure to wear them. For men there are trendy shorts of three denim, for their wearers women are sure to look back ...

As far as the upper body is concerned, they are an indispensable piece of denim jacket, ideal for the spring and cooler summer evenings or denim shirts that suit everyone regardless of gender, age or figure. For example, try Desigual with playful details and favorite Mickey Mous or top Deha in interesting free cut.

Keep under the cap! Reach for an add-on that takes every outfit to perfection. Calvin Klein cap is unisex , so a girl, a man can put it on, or try a "pair mode" not to blame yourself for that beauty :-) This Tommy Hilfiger denim cap is intended only for the gentle sex and is really a chic.

Ladies now, sharpen your senses! This will be something for you. Desigual handbag that has a "body". At first, and actually at second sight, it looks like a denim. But in fact , it is made of synthetic leather, with the advantage of easier maintenance. Such "Desigualka" is certainly a supplement that many lovers of big, spacious and especially timeless handbags desire to combine with the outfits of everyday and unusual days.

In addition, you can complement it with denim sneakers , whether the same brand or shoe icon - Converse .

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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