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Denim embroidery

  02. 10. 2017      From the fashion world

For the lover of minimalism, this trend seems to be a blow, but embroidery is almost everywhere. They are tempting us, tempting and loving. Fragrances of floral motifs (mainly roses), plants, animals and other fine patterns in many color designs so that each one of us has come to its own. The handcuffs are also walking with them, which started this playful style last year.

Varied embroidery can not be missed even on the immortal denim , which in the fashion industry we are terribly universal. In addition, denim pieces have long since advanced from working clothes to fashion models with a wide field of action. And so our beloved jeans, jeans, denim shirts and dress get an entirely new dimension thanks to embroidery. They act romantically and dissolutely, and we love them and we want to wear even more. The absolute must have for this season is the long shirt Desigual ! A longer cut and original concept is worn and always worn, you can take it to your pants and leggings, to work and to date.

denim shirt Desigual

In the case of a denim skirt to the knees, the revival of the golden embroidery is breathtaking with a detail that no one can overlook. Skirts give them a luxurious look, so you can combine them with not only sporty, casual but also sleeker tops.

Desigual denim shirt

Cold days are getting bigger and so part of everyday equipment is a coat that keeps you warm on your body and soul . Desigual denim coat with a fur hood and embroidered pockets and sleeves is exactly the same and suits blondes, brunettes and redheads.

Desigual denim coat

Last but not least, there are also the most promising pants - jeans . These "boyfriends" are glittering with gold embroidery and silver stones, and so definitely do not act normally.

black jeans Desigual

But if you do not dare for the whole outfit, do not mind, go for the accessories that even the simple style can lead to perfection. The desigual style handbag with embroidery embroidered to the smallest details is irresistible. Wear it in your hand, but over your shoulders and every passerby will envy you.

Desigual handbag

So if you did not get any embroidered piece in autumn, it's time to change it quickly! :-)

Published by: Kateřina Švelchová

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