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Deepening tricks in dress-how to use colors?

  04. 10. 2013      From the fashion world

We've already said in our magazine something about how to use slimming tricks in dressing. How to combine and wear the stripes properly to help you with a beautiful figure, so today we will say a few things to use the colors. The fact that black color is slimming is probably all we know, but now it's about to use it for your benefit;)

Optical Illusion 1 - Playing with lines in the shoulder area

Zeštihlující triky v módě Cracking tricks in fashion

One of the simplest tricks in dressing when you have a slightly wider thigh is to choose a deeper neckline. Gentlemen will not have a chance to look at your thighs even if they want :) However, it is also appropriate to balance the lower and upper body. These two images perfectly capture this. Dresses at the bottom on the left appear to be narrower, due to the extension of the shoulder.

Optical Illusion 2 - Dark Colors

Zeštihlujíci triky v oblékání Striking tricks in dress

It is absolutely true when it is said that black is slimming. However, to complement, each dark color slimmer if it is placed next to the lighter color. Here is a pictorial example in the upper figure where you can see that the darker part of the field looks smaller. And imagine that this is a tiny picture. What if we use the same thing on our beautiful curves :) Black is the best wearing in the parts that you would like to slim down optically.

And if you manage these tips, you will feel great in everything that you are just wearing.

Published by: Team Different

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