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Cute Set Nutshell from Disaster Designs

  05. 05. 2014      From the fashion world

We have already introduced the popular Disaster Designs brand. Disaster Designs is an English brand of fashion accessories that has a touch of rural romance. Today I will introduce you to a beautiful set of Disaster Designs Nutshell in pastel colors.

Case for Nutshell documents Case for Nutshell documents

The first piece is a small travel practical case for papers. It has marine motifs and decorative roots. Inside there are 2 pockets with a transparent document foil and cards. Thanks to the small dimensions, the case comes in both your trousers and any purse and you will have everything important together.

the Nutshell documentary the Nutshell documentary

Another piece of the Disaster Designs Nutshell set is a leatherette patent pendant. It is also pasted into fine pastel colors and is brown in the back. It is decorated with a motif of a bird and stamps. Inside, there is plenty of space for documents, cards, banknotes, and a pocket for small items and a pen.
Who would not want a wallet for happiness, which is another good piece of Nutshell set from Disaster. This Good luck leatherette has a bird's cage at the front and the back is turquoise with inscription and horseshoe. Inside, we can find credit card pockets and papers, along with one pocket for zipper coins.

Nutshell briefcase Nutshell briefcase

In order to have both a case, a document and a wallet where to put, there is a smaller brown leather handbag with a shoulder strap. Decorated in the front with a humorous color print and a blue polka dotted with a blue back. The main fastener is zipped and inside you will find several smaller pockets for small items and a phone. Another pocket is for closing on studs with a decorative skein.

big Nutshell briefcase big Nutshell briefcase

If you wear more than just me, the big Disney Designs Nutshell set for you is this big leatherette briefcase. It has animal motifs of owls and birds that are in contrast to the spotted décor that is in the front and back of this bag. Inside is a large pocket with several smaller pockets and the ulcer are then 2 more pockets for little things. Switching on the briefcase is on 2 tabs and has an adjustable strap.

Do you like the original vintage accessories as well? Then choose this beautiful Nusthell set in spring colors on Different.cz and you will definitely be different!

Published by: Team Different

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