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Culito from Spain - spring / summer 2016

  15. 03. 2016      From the fashion world

Spring is behind the door, and so we are waiting for the most popular season of the year. It is up to us to select different pieces in our wardrobe to feel fresh, trendy and irresistible throughout spring and summer. Fortunately, we have put together many such adepts, including a new Culito from Spain collection from the Canary Islands.

Beautiful weather inherently includes women's dresses . That's why we chose the most interesting and original dresses from the spring / summer 2016 collection of all our brands, including Culito from Spain. But the dresses are not definitely all that this brand offers. You can choose from several skirts that are also worth it.

Culito from Spain is famous for its beautiful designs that will remind you of a hot summer. The motifs depicted on individual dresses and skirts are inspired by the Canary Islands, and so know that color and originality will not be a must.

We at Different.cz love pieces from Culito from Spain not only because of the already mentioned original designs but also because of the material. This is incredibly light, pleasant on the body, but also elastic , so the dress perfectly shapes the figure.

dress Culito from Spain

You can choose from a large range of Culito from Spain . You can choose from floral, tropical and animal patterns. On the dresses you can find tulips, tropical jungle, but also flamingos, dragonflies or very interestingly rendered butterflies that clutter the wicker basket and resemble the flying balloon. There are, of course, not even popular prints of the motifs of Spanish balconies, interiors or scenes of everyday life.

The Culito from Spain can be found on our e-shop in black and white and colorful styles of different motifs. So we believe that you will choose well for yourself and your summer will be hot, original and stylish, as well as dresses and skirts from Culito from Spain.

skirt Culito from Spain

Published by: Differenta Team

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