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Crocs Shoes - Video Collection of the 2014 Collection - 28.díl - DifferentTV.cz

  23. 06. 2014      Different TV CZ / SK

Welcome to another piece of Internet TV Different TV. Plastic shoes are never enough. Currently it is one of the most popular. With their practicality, convenience and other benefits, we put them at the forefront of "classic". The shoes Mel and Melissa have already been introduced to you. In this work we will introduce you the CROCS brand, which is known all over the world. In the video you will see 5 tips for these amazing shoes. These are ballerinas in different designs, of different types and colors. All CROCS boots have an orthopedic pad and so your leg will be protected and a soft cushion.

CROCS boots in e-shop here: http://www.differentfashion.cz/en/38-bots-crocs

Published by: Team Different

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