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Crocs - how to properly choose the size

  29. 09. 2016      Different TV CZ / SK

You often ask us how to choose the right Crocs size, so we've decided to explain it to you in this video.

The Crocs are given in the US numbering, and before each number there is also a letter indicating who the shoes are intended for:
M - man (male)
W - woman (female)
C - children
J - junior (adolescents and adolescents)

To know what American size matches your European, use the conversion table at Different.cz .

In the table, you can also find the length of the insole, which is always measured inside the shoe.

Different species of Crocsek are designed in different ways. At the same size, different space can be reserved for your leg.

Be Different;)

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Published by: Radek Vandra

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