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Cork shoes are eco-friendly

  28. 08. 2014      From the fashion world

Everyone has ever met cork boots . One is loving, the other vice versa. Imagine this trend this summer. Cork shoes whether or not we want to move the world of shoes.

Extravagant cork boots, source: google.com Extravagant cork boots, source: google.com

The absolute classic among cork boots is undoubtedly the Birkenstock brand, whose history dates back to 1774 when the brand was registered in Germany. The first Birkenstock shoes of this type began to be produced around 1900 and the mass interest in them dates back to the 1960s, when they became a hit and, over time, the timeless classic of our botnets. Birkenstock's cork boots can not be denied their orthopedic value and the status of health footwear, which sometimes unfortunately lags behind a less attractive look. But again, the look can not be regarded as a clear thing. What one likes, the other may hate;)

Cork Boots Birkenstock, source: google.com Cork Boots Birkenstock, source: google.com

The cork platform is now looking at many of the windows and rightly boasting the status of this season's summer season. However, the classic cork appearance does not have to be boring. What do you say about cork slippers in Desigual branding? The colored leather straps over the heel give the shoe the much needed smile and playfulness. The cork platform will take care of proper leg construction, orthopedic shaping and comfort.

Cork summer shoes Desigual, source https://www.DifferentFashion.cz Cork summer shoes Desigual , source www.different.cz

Still do not have summer slippers for water or beach? Choose a cork - it's light, durable and natural. You are in love!

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