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"Conversky" stylish boots for both comfort and discomfort

  17. 05. 2016      From the fashion world

The Converse brand is our heartbeat. Although it does not cooperate with charity projects on such a scale as the Toms brand, it is definitely legendary ...! It's in the world, who would have said it, some millennium. And it offers fresh pieces that can not be replaced and never come out of fashion.

We have already written you about the history of Converse in the previous article. And so our intention is not to repeat again. However, we currently have new Converse sneakers on our different decks, and we want to introduce them to you. So sit back and let yourself be inspired.

For example, these Chuck Taylor All Star Sex Pistols . T- shirts are low and are decorated with black-and-white motifs with the red "Sex pistols" , these styles are distinctive, fresh and, most importantly, comfortable.

Genuine shoes are also in jean design, which are low and have a higher rubber outsole. These Converse sneakers are in a darker shade of blue and reminiscent of denim. They will therefore be great for sporty and elegantly sporty outfits.

The Converse brand does not forget even the lovers of "ankles . " What do you say about these unique pieces?

... We were a fan of them and you can trust us to look even better on the leg than in the picture. ;) So dare them and be different ...;)

Published by: Differenta Team

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