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Converse - the Perfect Choice for a Festival

  21. 06. 2019      From the fashion world

It's coming! Open air summer festivals!

The time when great people meet each other to enjoy chilling and amazing (not only) musical experiences they will never forget.

It doesn´t matter which festival you will go to this year, there are things that inherently belong to each of them. Friends, fun, delicious drinks, good music and gorgeous outfit! On festivals, it is said "the more upstream you go, the better". But since it's a festival and not a fashion show, you need to think about comfort too. Converse is a clear choice for us from Differenta. Join us!


Converse from head to toe.

Definitely don´t underestimate the footwear you wear on a festival. Whether you rather watch the concerts from afar or dance right in front of the stage, you spend a several hours in your shoes, so they shouldn´t be too tight, uncomfortable or rub. Converse shoes will make your feet comfortable as well as the rhythms will fill up your soul.

It´s not only about shoes, match also the rest of your clothes with them. Converse t-shirts fit everybody, have a versatile sporty cut, are made of cotton and can be selected from a wide range of colour combinations. And when it gets colder in the evening, the Converse sweatshirt will tune it up.

Where to put your wallet, keys, phone and more? Throw a backpack on your back, it will be amazing! Converse backpacks in various shapes and colour designs will come handy not only on a festival, but also on trips and vacations.


Converse pro muže

 Converse dámské

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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