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Converse - metallic and timeless sneakers

  22. 09. 2016      From the fashion world

Converse shoes are almost a legend that they love the whole world and are not surprised, they are comfortable, quality and easy to maintain and you can combine them to different styles. And so you understand that they have become our heartbeat.

Recently, the very popular "Smart and Casual" style is where you can imagine comfortable elegance combining, for example, sports shoes with elegant or extravagant dresses, t-shirt skirts and simple tops.

Being different is not so easy, so we'll give you some sort of how to do it. Being different does not mean you get shoes with a flashing outsole, but you can equip yourself with simple Ankle Conversions in an elegant design.

If you prefer universal colors, these sneakers are the right ones for you. These shoes are dominated by a white pearl and the rubber toe shines with silver reflections. Such sneakers suit both sports and casual outfits. The opposite is again showing black sneakers with golden elements.

This year, the trend of metallic accessories has grown. Introducing various bags and handbags or just gold, silver or bronze shoes.

And the Converse brand is definitely not behind, as evidenced by the Chuck Taylor All Star Metallic collection - this type will amaze you with the first tire. Not only are the boots comfortable, but you can easily match them to any outfit.

Only timeless sneakers designed by perhaps the best-known pop art artist Andy Warhol can compete with the competition of the metallic collection.

These have a classic shape, are ankle and textile and are decorated with a motif popular by Marilyn Monroe in a colorful design. There is also a higher rubber, a softened inner insole and a rubberized toe.

If we tune you to the Converse wave, that was exactly our goal. We have been going for it for several years and we are more than happy to be able to offer you now at our eshop ...;)

Published by: Differenta Team

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